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Welcome to Dorset Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for the Blackmore Vale, Blandford Forum, Shaftesbury and Sherborne area.

Rowena Carmichael Rowena Carmichael is a professional hypnotherapist in the Blackmore Vale area specialising in an advanced type of hypnosis called hypno-analysis or analytical therapy. The Dorset hypnotherapy practice is situated in the village of Child Okeford, and clients are treated from all over the Blackmore Vale including Sherborne, Shaftesbury and Blandford Forum.

Dorset hypnotherapy - Consulting symptoms

Hypnosis can successfully treat a wide range of emotional symptoms including weight loss and control, depression, Emetophobia (the fear of being sick), general fears & phobias, compulsions and many other emotional and anxiety related symptoms. If you are aware of behaviors or insecurities in your life that are holding you back, contact Dorset hypnotherapist Rowena Carmichael for a FREE consultation and explanation on how hypnosis can make the long lasting positive changes that you deserve.

Emotophobia treatment in Dorset - The fear of being sick or the fear of vomiting Emetophobia
The fear of being sick or vomiting or even the thought of witnessing someone being sick. More on emetophobia.
Depression treatment in DorsetDepression
If you're suffering from an Anxiety disorder or suffer from depression call now and find out how hypnosis can help.
Loose weight in Dorset with te help of hypnosis

Lose weight in Dorset

Dorset hypnotherapist Rowena Carmichael uses hypnosis to help clients who consult her wanting to lose weight. Whether your eating habits are fueled by emotional reasons (emotional hunger) or through habit or boredom, hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goal. Call Dorset Hypnotherapy for a FREE consultation or read more on how to lose weight using hypnosis.

Types of Hypnotherapy

Suggestion hypnosis

This type of hypnosis (also known as clinical hypnosis) is effective in treating clients who wish to quit smoking or who have other habits that do not have a deep emotional link, such as nail biting or even weight loss in some cases. Suggestion hypnosis is also being used to help pain control (hypno-birthing) with mothers wanting to have a natural birth. You will only need one or two sessions, with the positive benefits being felt immediately.


Analytical hypnotherapy (hypno-analysis) is an advanced type of hypnosis that finds and resolves the root cause of your symptoms. Because the underlying cause has been eradicated, your symptoms will disappear without returning. Other therapies may only deal with the consulting symptom. Unfortunately, leaving behind the deep rooted emotional problem means in time your symptoms will probably return.

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