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Lose weight in Dorset using hypnosis

Weight loss hypnotherapy for the Blackmore Vale, Blandford Forum, Shaftesbury and Sherborne area.

Lose weight TODAY

If you live in the Blackmore Vale area and would like to lose weight naturally. Hypnosis can help you achieve your desired weight. Hypnotherapy successfully helps people who want to lose weight as it helps to restore the feelings of self-control, empowerment and well-being changing your belief system in just a few sessions.

Suffer from emotional hunger? Want to lose weight?

Hypnosis can successfully treat a wide range of emotional symptoms one of which is emotional hunger. We have all been victims of emotional hunger at some point in our lives. In fact when you were young you would have been surrounded by food at friends' birthday parties and at Christmas. Is this emotional hunger I here you ask?, well, your emotions would have been high, you're around friends and having a good time enjoying yourself and surrounded by all this fantastic food laid out for you to eat. You may have been eating and enjoying yourself even though you were not physically hungry.

This early association with food and enjoyment whilst you are indulging yourself is compounded at this very early age. Now when you're eating emotionally in your later years is it no wonder why you are getting messages of enjoyment whilst you are eating and feeling comforted? Is it no wonder that when you feel low and want to feel good about yourself your subconscious may turn to food?

Weight gain

Hypnosis in Dorset
Removing the root cause of your eating problems helping you achieve your desired weight. Do you want to feel good about yourself?
Lose weight in Dorset using hypnosis - Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight
Take control of your actions? Live the life you want to live? Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight and achieve your goals.
Weight is normally gained gradually over time and what can start out as being just a little bit overweight with loss of muscle tone and flabbiness can soon build up to fat, obesity or even super sized! It is easy to see how this can happen with the combination of a busy lifestyle and non-nutritious junk food, yo-yo dieting and the fear of feeling hungry.

Many people feel that they do not have enough time, willpower or motivation to have a healthier and slimmer body and as exercising becomes more difficult and as the body shape changes, the feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment about their appearance just build up even more.

As the feel good factor has been lost, feelings of anxiety and lack of confidence can trigger cravings for instant gratification and this is when comfort eating and overeating begin to dominate. Ironically, rather than feeling better, the reverse happens as, with the intake of the wrong sorts of food in overlarge portions, the hormone, vitamin and mineral balances can become impaired and tiredness and lack of vitality win the day.

Weight loss - types of Hunger

Emotional hunger cases you to eat

The majority people who eat excessively eat not because they are physically hungry but because their emotions are hungry wanting to feel good, which they do when they indulge themselves. One of the key aspects of losing weight and keeping the weight off is understanding your emotions. Hypnosis empowers your positive feelings and helps to remove the negative thoughts and emotions you are having. Once you feel good about the inner you, things will start to change immediately.

Physical hunger - now it's time to eat

When you are physically hungry it is a completely different feeling and deep down you know this. The desire for food comes on progressively as the messages that you need to eat are coming from your stomach you may feel low on energy your stomach may even make noises. Ask yourself when was the last time your body was physically hungry? Do you ever get to this stage?

Weight loss - types of therapy

If the loss of control has shown itself by being overweight, underweight, super sized or super skinny then these conditions can lead to the misery. Why not restore the positive self image with the help of hypnosis and analytical therapy which is an advanced type of hypnosis.

I believe that sometimes weight imbalance can be an outward expression of how we are feeling deep down. For instance, we might feel that we want to hide away by being overly large or small because feelings of depression or fear of failure or SOCIAL PHOBIA are underlying and fueling the situation.

This can be determined during an INITIAL FREE CONSULTATION and then HYPNO-ANALYSIS might be required to find and remove the root cause of the emotional upset. When the emotional burden has been lifted weight control for life can be achieved very easily.

Lose weight in Dorset
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Lose weight In Dorset using hypnosis.

Comfort eat?
Binge eat?
Eat when your bored?
Eat when you feel low?

Hypnotherapy can help change your eating habits once and for all

Lose weight naturally hypnotherapy helps you lose weight naturally. Because you have lost weight by changing your belief system and how you think about yourself and food your problems have been resolved. This is why when people lose weight using hypnosis they they are less likely to return to their old eating habits.

Lose weight in Dorset
Remove your negative thoughts about yourself and change the way you feel about food. Lose weight with hypnosis call Today for a free consultation