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Quit smoking in Dorset using hypnosis

Stop smoking in the Blackmore Vale, Blandford Forum, Shaftesbury and Sherborne area.

Quit smoking TODAY!

If you want to quit smoking and live in Dorset or surrounding areas, call me today for a free chat on how hypnosis can help you become a non-smoker. I have found that hypnotherapy is extremely effective in helping clients who wish to stop smoking. Most of the people who come to see me have tried many different ways to stop smoking, from chewing gum to quit smoking patches.

Why do people find it so hard to quit smoking?

The majority of smokers are convinced they will find it extremely hard to quit smoking. In fact they see themselves failing to kick the habit before that have even tried. And for those smokers that are afraid of failing this is a good reason not to even try to quit.

Another reason people are resistant to try and stop smoking is they are fearful of the side effects which may include mood swings, over eating, feeling anxious and being extremely irritable. When you quit smoking using hypnosis you will experience no side effects and in fact you will have a huge sense of pride and pleasure when you are offered a cigarette knowing that you have taken control of your life and are able to simply say no to all forms of tobacco.

Trying to stop smoking using will power

Quit smoking in Dorset
Dorset hypnotherapist
Quit smokingin Dorset using hypnosis
Rowena Carmichael uses hypnosis to help her clients to stop smoking in one session. Call her today to make an appointment and achieve your goal.
Most of my clients that smoke have tried to quit smoking using will power. Stopping smoking using will power alone is extremely difficult. You may stop smoking for a short while only to return to your habit of smoking usually with the first sign of stress or when you are in situations that have a strong association with smoking for example when socialising in the pub.

So why is hypnosis so successful?

Become a non smoker in one session

The reason hypnosis is so effective in helping people to quit smoking is because hypnosis changes your belief system and removes the desire and positive associations you have with smoking. These associations and good feelings that you have with smoking are replaced immediately with much stronger ones for freedom, good health, happiness, renewed energy, feeling years younger, achievement and an immense sense of pride and pleasure that you are now empowered and in control once again!

As soon as the two parts of the mind are united during the session, all the stresses, anxieties, difficulties and self doubts are banished leaving a fantastic sense of completeness and wellbeing.

This is the most effective way to stop and to stay stopped because the natural power of the will and the imagination are working together to take control of your actions in a calm and relaxed manner.

Want to quit smoking?
01258 860169 and become a non smoker in one session of hypnosis.
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Become a non smoker
Hypnosis has the power to remove your desire to continue smoking. After just one session you will quit smoking immediately

Contact Rowena TODAY Quit smoking and take control of your actions.