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Treatment for Anxiety disorders in Dorset

Treating anxiety symptoms in the Blackmore Vale, Blandford Forum, Shaftesbury and Sherborne area.

Anxiety attacks

Treating anxiety symptoms in Dorset. If you suffer from anxiety attacks, panic attacks or general anxiety or have any other anxiety symptoms contact me TODAY for a free consultation on how hypno-analysis or analytical therapy (an advanced type of hypnosis) can help treat your anxiety symptoms with lasting results.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an excessive, exaggerated or irrational worry about everyday events or experiences. Sometimes this general anxiety is projected into a free floating anxiety which may attach itself to a specific anxiety symptom. These anxiety symptoms can range from a fear or phobia, anxiety or panic attack or may even cause the sufferer to develop a nerve rash or a stutter.

Anxiety symptoms list

Anxiety disorder
Analytical therapy removes the root cause of your problem removing your symptoms permanently.
Anxiety disorder treatment, Treating panic attacks treating anxiety attacts in Dorset
Hypnotherapy can help you take back control of your life and help you feel more positive about yourself and life.
Free yourself from anxiety Call TODAY !
The symptom list of anxiety related problems is endless. Although initially anxiety starts to affect the way you think it will eventually lead to physical symptoms if treatment is not used to remove the originating problem.

Anxiety Symptoms
Excessive on going worry
Anxiety disorders
Continually irritable
social anxiety
Feel extremely sorry for yourself
Unrealistic view of problems
Always fearing the worst
Feel you are not in control
Restlessness or feeling on the edge
Trouble sleeping
Easily startled
Lack of energy or enthusiasm

Common types of anxiety disorders

Generalized anxiety disorder

General anxiety disorder (GAD) is when you are continuously in a state of anxiety and your symptoms are present most of the time and they are not brought on by specific situations. General anxiety disorder is most common in people who also suffer from depression.

Panic disorder

If you suffer from a panic disorder you will experience anxiety attacks or panic attacks sometimes without obvious causes. Although these panic attacks usually only last for a few minutes, they will seem to last a lot longer for the sufferer. Panic attacks can be brought about when you are in a situation and you feel that you are out of control. For example being a passenger in a car or when flying.

Social anxiety disorder

(SA) Social anxiety disorder is probably the third most common disorder after depression and alcoholism. Ironically people who suffer from social anxiety are unlikely to talk about the problem or to seek help. People who are around the sufferer may think they are shy or even ignorant or rude and will not understand the deep social anxiety the sufferer is feeling.

Social anxiety is basically the fear of social gatherings or being in a situation where the sufferer may have to interact with others. A person with social anxiety will feel they are continuously being judged by others around them to the point that they become paranoid.

Once social anxiety has taken hold, the sufferer will experience a feeling of insecurity about themselves and their relationships with others. At this stage they will be over sensitive to criticism fearing rejection and will be feeling judged.

Treating anxiety disorders

Analytical therapy

Hypno-analysis is very successful in the treatment of anxiety disorders as it finds and discovers the root cause of your symptoms. Other therapies may work in the short term but if the underlying cause is still bubbling below the surface your anxiety disorder will return once again.

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Treating anxiety in Dorset - Using analytical therapy your anxiety can be successfully removed. Call or email Rowena TODAY for a FREE consultation.

Anxiety disorders
Symptoms of anxiety can range from a nervous rash or stutter through to panic attacks. You may experience anxiety linked to situations you are placed in or have a feeling of anxiety all the time. What ever your symptoms analytical therapy can help.