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Using Reflexology, Holistic Massage and natural healing in the Blackmore Vale, Blandford Forum, Shaftesbury and Sherborne area.

Valuable as hypnotherapy is in the treatment of many of life's problems, Dorset Hypnotherapy recognises that one single therapy, even hypnosis, cannot realistically be expected to help every indisposition.  For the treatment of fears and phobias for example or anxiety, hypnotherapy is  appropriate in most cases. Similarly where weight loss is the aim, a hypnotherapist will be the practitioner to consult.

Other problems however may well call for different remedies. Reflexology may be the treatment of choice where the relief of stress and tension, together with improved lymphatic flow, blood circulation and nerve supply, is the  objective.

We are all different and therefore we cannot be pigeon-holed so different people will respond best to different treatments. In many cases Holistic Massage will produce the best results for a whole range of conditions, from general stress and anxiety to more specific problems such as injuries.

Other individuals are best helped by natural healing which is administered by the judicious positioning of the therapist's hands on the fully clothed patient. This can induce a  sensation of peace, relaxation and general  well-being during which blocked energies are released deep within the body.

Rowena Carmichael  (MAR  IIR ART (Regd) MTI) is based in Child Okeford and is a fully qualified and registered practitioner and she is available to help clients in the Blackmore Vale area in particular. Rowena is more than just a first rate hypnotherapist. She is also well qualified and experienced in all of these healing arts.

You will have noticed that “Relief of Stress, Tension and Anxiety", form a common thread that runs through all of these therapies. It is the task of the skilled practitioner to determine which therapy is the most appropriate for each individual who asks for help. Being qualified and highly experienced in all of these therapies means that Rowena is ideally placed to help.

For more information or to book your confidential consultation and assessment, just pick up the phone NOW and call 01258 860169 or, if you prefer, email

Reflexology £35 1 hour
Full body massage £40 1 hour 15 mins
Partial body massage £35 1 hour
Healing £10 per 30 mins
Complementary therapies in Dorset
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Treating anxiety in Dorset - Using analytical therapy your anxiety can be successfully removed. Call or email Rowena TODAY for a FREE consultation.

Anxiety disorders
Symptoms of anxiety can range from a nervous rash or stutter through to panic attacks. You may experience anxiety linked to situations you are placed in or have a feeling of anxiety all the time. What ever your symptoms analytical therapy can help.