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Fears and phobias treated in Dorset

Treating fears and phobias in the Blackmore Vale, Blandford Forum, Shaftesbury and Sherborne area.

Using hypnosis in Dorset to treat fears and phobias

Hypnosis is very successful in treating all kinds of phobias whether it is the fear of spiders, social phobia, fear of flying or the fear of being sick or vomiting, hypnosis changes your belief system permanently thereby removing the associated fear of phobia.

So what is a phobia?
A phobia is fear that has been blown out of all proportion and has turned into an irrational phobic response. If you suffer from a phobia (an irrational fear) you will most probably be aware that your actions are exaggerated and out of control when you are in an environment where the trigger mechanism is present.

Even though you may be aware you are acting strangely and out of control, you will not be able to think rationally and your body and actions will be driven by your subconscious mind with its overwhelming desire of self preservation.

How are phobias created?

Being afraid of certain situations is a natural behaviour and it is how we have survived as a species but sometimes this natural instinct for survival has been wrongly projected onto a phobia as our subconscious actions have simply been confused. Phobias can be grouped into two main types, those that have been created through direct stimuli and those that have formed through indirect stimuli.

Direct phobia stimuli

If someone is suffering from a phobia of dogs they may have been scared or even bitten by a dog when they where younger or they may have simply been witness to someone else being bitten or frightened. This experience of a third party or themselves being terrified could be traumatic enough to build a negative association that will be triggered each and every time they are exposed to this given environment such as dogs. The phobia sufferer may not even remember the original experience as the subconscious mind has an amazing ability to repress (forget) traumatic experiences especially when we are young and our minds are immature.

In some instances the sufferer may remember the event but dismiss it as their now mature adult mind would not remember the original experience as being traumatic. Unfortunately, the emotion of fear was experienced when their mind found it terrifying and locked away (repressed) which is reactivated each and every time they see a dog.

Indirect phobia stimuli
This kind of stimuli is more involved as the person concerned will generally have anxiety issues, general anxiety also known as free floating anxiety. When we are anxious our subconscious mind wants to take control and have a reason for how we are feeling and will project our anxiety externally once it gets to a high enough level. This external projection can manifest itself into a phobia becoming an outward expression of an internal anxiety.

Phobia List
Hypnotherapy can treat any phobia whether it is created through direct or indirect stimuli. Below is a few of the more common phobias.

Fear of spiders
Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders
social phobia, social anxiety
Social phobia - Fear of social gatherings
phobia of open spaces
Agoraphobia - Fear of open spaces
Fear of confined spaces
Claustrophobia - Fear of confined spaces
heights phobia
Acrophobia - Fear of heights
fear of vomiting
Emetophobia - The fear of being sick or vomiting
fear of cancer
Carcinophobia - Fear of cancer
fear of death
Necrophobia - Fear of death

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Anxiety disorders
Symptoms of anxiety can range from a nervous rash or stutter through to panic attacks. You may experience anxiety linked to situations you are placed in or have a feeling of anxiety all the time. What ever your symptoms analytical therapy can help.