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Dorset hypotherapy testimonials

Hypnotherapy for the Blackmore Vale, Blandford Forum, Shaftesbury and Sherborne area.

I am back to work full time and really enjoying life again, you really did help me and I will never forget you many thanks

Child behaviour problems

Many thanks for your recent consultation you undertook with my son.
Since the meeting, he has been much calmer and his behaviour has improved immensely. He was being verbally bullied at school but since his consultation he has had a belief in himself and he has been able to deal with situations more calmly.

My wife and I are pleased with the outcome.

Quitting smoking

Thank you very much for my session. I don't really think I could have given up smoking without you.

Having been a smoker for a number of years and attempting to quit on multiple occasions, I had reached the end of my tether. I attended one session with Rowena and since that time I have been smoke free with barely a thought given to this long term habit. With regards to my own experience this is a really significant step.

I’m still a non smoker after seeing you only once 8 years ago! Thank you.

Quit smoking session

Just to say thank you for helping me to stop smoking. It has been six months now since I had a last cigarette.

Thank you very much for so kindly seeing me a week ago about hypnotherapy. I really enjoyed talking to you in the initial consultation and you explained everything so clearly.


Your 'magic' worked for me! Absolutely no problems whilst I was away. I am very grateful for all you have done for me which worked so miraculously and at such short notice.


Being the only person in my company I have realised how important I was to the company but I had a major snag in my head that meant that all the money I earned I spent on total rubbish. The act of spending money for me was like a drug. This not only affected my wealth, but also my health as I was always stressed about the lack of money. You used your hypnotherapy skills to alter my mind set and after just 1 session I now see things differently and thanks to you Rowena I now have the start of a good prosperous business and money in the bank and the figures on the statements are in black not red!
I really genuinely cannot express my gratitude enough at the way you have changed my life. Seeing you, Rowena, was genuinely one of the best decisions I have ever made and the effects of this one meeting will last a lifetime. I have no hesitation in recommending you to everyone.

Thank you for helping me to do my job.

After only one session with you, my daughter was able to overcome a psychological problem so much that she has now succeeded in securing a better position within her company along with a salary rise.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the help and advice given recently with regard to my claustrophobia. I have had a fear of confined spaces and crowds since I was quite young which has meant that what, to some people, are events to look forward to are, in fact, a nightmare coping with for me.
This year our business has grown substantially and as a result we qualified to go on The European Rally which involved over 8,000 people but the thought and dread of the two days meeting was spoiling the excitement.

Fortunately, with one hours’ consultation with Rowena in a very relaxed environment I found that not only could I control my fear, I actually started to look forward to the event! As we drove up to the venue however, I found that my fear was starting to return but with a simple technique I was able to be calm and really start to enjoy the two days. It was a terrifically motivating meeting which will help take our business to anther level.


I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Provence. Thanks to you, they were, dare I say almost enjoyable flights. I was even quite excited to find out if the hypnosis had worked. There were no fingernail marks or bruises on my husbands hand and arm as there usually are when we landed. Also I did actually manage to glance out of the window occasionally.
I thought about you and your advice many times throughout both flights. I may need a top up for our next holiday but I should be a little more honest about my fears.

Relaxation, Motivation & Control

Thank you for my Dorset Hypnotherapy session with you last week. I found your session to be most useful, interesting, professional and informative. I felt very safe in your environment and my time with you was very relaxing and beneficial.

I’m still sleeping very well!

Thank you so much for your help and I’m very grateful to you. I feel very positive and excited about the future and I feel very at peace with myself.

At first I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy, but after the initial free consultation, I thought I would give it a go. Miss Carmichael was very professional and put me at my ease very quickly. The common sense relaxation techniques work and I find them most useful. I have a lot more control over both my personal and professional life and my stress levels have greatly reduced which in turn have improved my family life.

Thank you very much for introducing me to the power of the subconscious through the medium of hypnotherapy. While I consider myself as an open minded individual, I still remained sceptical when I first came to see you with a view to improving my confidence and achieving a better work/life balance. That scepticism however, has totally dissolved as I continue to feel the benefits on a daily basis. I feel more confident, have set aside “downtime” with the family and generally have a more positive approach. An unexpected benefit that really caught me by surprise was a joy for life that I have not experienced in some time and a feeling that life’s daily pressures have been lifted from my shoulders.

A very close friend has finally been able to come to terms and dealt with many issues and events from their past. Carrying all this through life had taken its toll and with the release they now have positivity and the change in their whole being is nothing short of a miracle.

Since seeing you I have found that I have been a lot less anxious and stressed. Thank you.

I have been suffering from a persistent cough whilst singing in a choir. However, we had a very interesting consultation and you showed me how to get in touch with my subconscious brain. I felt 100% relaxed with a soothing energy and I have definitely noticed a difference. I sang in the concert without coughing at all!

Massage and Reflexology

I had been suffering from a couple of weeks or so of disturbed sleep as a result of a build up of pain from my shoulders and neck. You gave me a long massage and reflexology treatment and I left your house completely relaxed and all of the shoulder and neck pain had gone!

I have had a dose of feeling ragged and under pressure recently but by the time you had finished giving me some reflexology I felt markedly better. That feeling persisted throughout the week.

I thoroughly recommend a session of massage and reflexology with Rowena to help reduce stress levels of everyday life.

Thank you for the excellent massage and reflexology treatment which you gave to me recently. The hour itself was wonderfully relaxing and the muscles in my lower back have been greatly improved to the point that they have given me no trouble at all!

Stress Headaches

Recently my GP advised me to reduce my stress levels so I decided to seek Rowena’s help. She made me feel at ease and comfortable from the outset and the back massage along with reflexology techniques were very relaxing but also purposeful and the entire healing experience was uplifting. I have yet to experience a single headache again and my swollen ankle has responded without the use of medication. 

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