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Exam nerves - using hypnosis to help pass your exams

Help with exam nerves in the Blackmore Vale, Blandford Forum, Shaftesbury and Sherborne area.

Exam nerves

You may be one of the millions of people who suffer from exam nerves and pre exam stress. Hypnosis can help you to improve your concentration, focus and motivation when studying, as well as helping you on exam day.

Does this sound familiar?

You know that you have done the work leading up to your exams, you’ve studied hard and practised, you’ve learnt and remembered and you know what is required and how to apply it. Then the dread of exams and tests take over along with the fear of being tried and put on the spot, making you feel inadequate, depressed and unequal to the task ahead!

Feeling confident
Imagine walking into an exam feeling positive calm and confident. Hypnosis can help you achieve your goal completing your exams to the very best of your ability
Pre exam - Help with exam nerves
Perhaps then at exam time with a rising sense of panic, your mind goes blank and you’re paralysed with terrifying doubts and fears about underperforming and falling short of what you can do. An anxious and nervous feeling can lead to you feeling sick or nauseous. Maybe you feel that you are going to pass out or faint as you start to shake, sweat, your heart is racing and you are feeling breathless. That awful feeling of losing control as you seize up both mentally and physically as your stomach and guts go into spasm!

Exam success - achieving your goal

Hypnosis is a natural tool

Rowena is a hypnotherapist in Dorset who understands these feelings very well. She can help you to achieve your goal of success easily. By using a combination of hypnosis, positive suggestions and visualisation you will be able to access all the knowledge stored within your memory as and when you need it. It is that simple!

Subconscious mind

The SUBCONSCIOUS part of the mind has a phenomenal resource for storing information and experience. In fact it has retained every single thing that has ever happened or has been learned. So, all the necessary data and skills are there ready to be accessed when needed.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to tap into that natural supply of knowledge and to feel very calm, relaxed and confident when faced with an exam or test. Imagine doing well, feeling happy and in control. Imagine effortlessly demonstrating your expertise and skills in a spontaneous manner and savouring a feeling of pride and pleasure as you flow through the exams and tests.

Rowena uses suggestion therapy and post hypnotic suggestions via hypnosis, making all of this is possible. Hypnosis helps you to make learning and revising so much more straightforward and comfortable so that you feel focused and relaxed and capable of doing your best under exam conditions.

So, in whatever your format your exam appears i.e. written paper, oral, practical or modular, the principles are the same and the same degree of success can be obtained. Now look forward to achieving and being congratulated!

Exam nerves?
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Anxiety disorders
Symptoms of anxiety can range from a nervous rash or stutter through to panic attacks. You may experience anxiety linked to situations you are placed in or have a feeling of anxiety all the time. What ever your symptoms analytical therapy can help.